IPC Alumni General Assembly 14th of October 2017

Behold Alumni!

The annual general assembly is coming up in one month and we are hoping to see many of you there.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Approval of the agenda. Election of chairperson and minutes taker
  2. Situation report from the board
  3. Approval of the revised yearly accounts
  4. Election of board members, substitutes, accountant and substitute accountant
  5. Stipulation of the yearly membership payment
  6. Upcoming activities
  7. New proposals & discussions
  8. Any other business

If you want to stay the night and have dinner at IPC you can sign up through the following google form until the 1st of October.


Here is the Facebook event, where there will be updates, so follow the news there!

Volunteering possibility with IPC Alumni

Volunteers needed for Job Shadowing “Youth Policy and Action” in the Philippines (October 18 – November 18 2017)! Application deadline 1st of September!!

IPC Alumni is sending 2 volunteers. Apply by sending a short e-mail to esben.asmussen@hotmail.com. You will then receive more information.

Most expenses for visa and travel are covered (70% of 1100 eur), and the hosts provide food and accommodation. All funded by Erasmus+! You need to have an address in Denmark to apply.

The official programme ends on the 11th of November and then there is a possibility to extend with a week of travelling on your own.
About the project:
The job shadowing is part of a larger project that IPC Alumni is currently involved in with a number of organizations in Europe, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. The project’s aims are to promote strategic cooperation between youth organization and public bodies as well as private institutions such as businesses and government institutions.

The project will directly involve youth workers and youth leaders from European and Asian partners, representatives of the National, Regional and Local Government of the Philippines responsible for youth policy and governance, and Local Business leaders. The job shadowing will give you the opportunity to shadow elected youth policy makers and business leaders.

The participants will attend a 3 day orientation about the Philippines setting, how the government works and cultural sensitivity. Thereafter, they will be introduced to a National, Regional or a Local Government that deals with youth policy which they will stay for two weeks for observation and evaluation either of the assigned politicians. Finally, after the extensive two week -job shadowing proper, they will be given two days of debriefing of their experiences and the required reports that they need to submit before the end of the program.

Finishing remark from EVS Erasmus+ volunteers

The stay for our two amazing Erasmus+ volunteers Pip and Justyna has come to and end. The Alumni organisation has been enormously happy with the the volunteers and the time they spent at IPC this Spring and we are looking forward to host the next volunteers in Spring 2018. Pip is coming back for the Alumni Summer Camp, so he’s not ready to let go just yet (neither are we) and hopefully Justyna is able to come for a visit sooner rather than later! While we wait for her return, she has written about her experiences during her last time at IPC. Read on here:

“Today I’m writing the last post from home. I’m awaiting an arrival of three IPC students to my city. It is almost two weeks since I left the school. For a long time I was not ready to leave the place, but just after my arrival to Poland, I felt happy about being back – we had so many goodbyes that I felt really emotionally exhausted 🙂 and then accepted the fact that this experience ended. Right now I feel a lot of nostalgy, especially in moments when I’m trying to tell a story about this six months to my friends. Luckily, some of them visited me so they could catch a glimpse of this place so they partly understand what am I taking about. Actually in second trimester, I broke record of visitors having someone coming every two weeks. For one longer weekend we were hosting other EVS volunteers with Pip that we got to know on EVS training. We showed them around and they could participate in some of the school activities. They were really impressed about the food – apart from the usual meals, it was the weekend when students were full of initiatives in the kitchen – we had Korean dinner and the next day European lunch. Also one of my friends stayed for one week from Erasmus + Staff Mobility Program as she works at University of Warsaw. During her stay she gave a Polish language lesson at Human Rights Café and made a presentation on morning fellowship about possibilities for foreigners to study at her university and in Poland in general.

During last two months, I did as much travelling as I could fit into our school program. I went for shorts trips in our region: Frederiksborg in Hillerød, by bike to cloister close to Esrum lake and beaches nearby, Klampenborg with deer park and Bakken amusement park. I joined school trip with a small boat cruise around Copenhagen. For one of extended weekends I went with a Korean friend to a trip to the north of Jutland. It took us ten hours to reach Skagen by two buses and four trains, but it was definitely worth it! Not only we have seen the border between Northern and Baltic sea, but also at Grenen there were two seals sunbathing on a beach. We went on bike around Skagen and to Sand-Covered Church. We tried beers from local brewery and fresh fish in the port. We visited Art Museum where apart from famous pieces of art, we watched an art installation about the family meal – each person saw a movie from a point of view of different family member. We spent last two days in Aarhus where we visited the city center, AROS Art Museum and Marselisborg – summer residence of the queen. On our last weekend in IPC, Alumni took us for a day trip to Copenhagen that started with a visit in botanic garden, lunch, boat trip and the culmination was a visit in the oldest patisserie in Copenhagen – it was an amazing day!

Human Rights Café has been a really busy place during that time. We were serving variety of cookies, cakes, famous hot chocolate and lemonade. Mathilde from Belgian was so kind that she baked for us speculoos cookies. We carried on showing documentary movies weekly, but also at some point we started watching with students Game of Thrones and organised a marathon during one of the bank holidays. Pip continued sharing his knowledge about photography, editing programs, different types of cameras and the darkroom. I organized a tresure hunt game related to the Slavic midsummer night with Polish food tasting. We also had some activities organized from students initiative – one of them was Japanese caligraphy lesson.

During this two months, we could participate in plenty of the activities organized or taking place at school related to classes and additional ones. The school hosted a meeting with Albin who decided to walk until there is peace in the world – very enthusiastic person. We got closer to some staff members and we were invited to their houses for evening drinks or meals. As a part of Exploring Denmark class, I had an opportunity to visit Danish nursery and to meet with an organization Venligboerne helping refugees to settle down in Denmark. I went to two events in Copenhagen: on the first one organized by ngo Africa Kontakt, I could meet people from Mozambique and other African countries and the other was related to the genocide in Rwanda. I visited with Environmental Studies Class small permaculture gardens run by volunteers. I also joined a group that took part in a concert played by Lars who works as a caretaker in IPC, but in his free time, he plays in four bands. Instead of one of morning fellowship, we heard professional storytellers who came to Elsinore for a festival. Last big and really impressive event was Speak Out IPC – an event organized by students where during Saturday afternoon they held plenty of workshops, gave presentations about their talents, shared life stories and how they overcame some obstacles in their lives.

Last weeks were also very important for me. I had my „bucket list” of things to do before leaving IPC. One of them was having a tatoo – I did it – I have a very artistic and optimistic sausage dog above my ankle. I also wanted to take part in Nikolaj’s Reiki healing session – he found time for me among plenty of activities that were taking place in last days. We had amazing farewell dinner with students and yearly staff party in cowboy style.

I’m really grateful that I could be there and I recommend it to everyone!:)”


Spring feeling at IPC

“Time really flies here!

Since the last time I wrote, a lot of things happened. We have finished the first trimester. It was very sad when eleven people left us – there were tears and very hard moments. But the events prior to that were very enjoyable – for example the ball organized by Student’s Council. We had a dance class given by Soren the same week and during the ball Cara, one of the students, lead a workshop teaching waltz and other ballroom dances. Everyone dressed up in the clothes that were the most similar to ball dresses and suits. I had my hair done by Akiyo who is professional hairdresser. It took her five minutes to do my hair in an amazing way. 🙂

From one day full of sorrow we passed to the next where we had to be cheerfull and welcoming for newcomers. We got twenty new students that integrated easily and quickly into the community. We had a few transition days with getting to know activities. On the weekend my friends from Poland visited. They were really impressed with the school (especially meals served in our canteen – they mentioned they would love to come for an internship only in the kitchen) and Denmark.

At the beginning of April, African Cultural Evening was held – it was prepared by only five students, but they gave amazing show. Other students voluntarily helped with decorations and cooking. In Human Rigths Café in the new trimester, except for movie screening, we also have new workshops. There is Pip’s Photo Club. It had so far two meetings. Students are really interested in participating and also come for advice to ask him about photo taking techniques and equipment. The incoming meeting will focus on use of Photoshop. Participants get each time new assignments to practice their skills. Melissa, one of the students, is giving classes of Danish every week. For me it is good addition to the regular school course. We also started to serve every day cookies or cakes in Human Rigths Café which definitely makes the place more popular. We made very cute Easter decorations which are partly still present it our Café. On one of the morning fellowships we presented European Voluntary Service and useful information on how to apply to take part in the project.

I’d like to mention that I broke the record in biking with 80 km in one day to go to Copenhagen and back to see cherry blossom!

There were two interesting events at the weekend after Easter. On Saturday there was a conference about the current situation in Europe – one day before elections in France. The most exciting part was a debate in the end in which one of the participants – Marie Krarup from Danish People’s Party was presenting the point of view definitely opposite to the one shared by people at IPC. Soren was mediating in this debate very successfully so that both sides could share their opinions and be respected. On Sunday there was a workshop to celebrate the World Book Day where students were writing their own stories and prepare illustrations for it. We still do have them around Human Rights Café. 🙂 The same day I also visited Gilljeje which seems to be very good summertime resort.

Last week of April was also very busy. Apart from usual activities, we had a Japanese tea ceremony with very professional presentation and tasting of matcha tea. We went with Exploring Denmark class to visit Danish Secondary School where we presented how respect is shown in our countries and they gave us tours through their school and responded to our questions. On Saturday we had Asian Cultural Evening that was definitely a fantastic show with games for audience, a lot of singing, dancing and workshops in the end. The same weekend I went to National Museum and watched a lot of Nordic paintings and impressive collection of European art and gardens of Rosenburg Castle and on Sunday to the gardens of Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod.”

– Justyna Lisowska


By Pip Fazarkerley

“Time flies amazingly quickly!”

Justyna, one of the volunteers at IPC, has a few updates about her experiences at IPC. Read on for news about Valentine’s, ‘Fastelavn’, training courses and hiking trips!

“Time flies amazingly quickly! The second half of February was full of attractions. Starting from Valentine’s day when Student’s Council took the role of love letter messengers and prepare amazing decorations, Japanese students where preparing amazing cupcakes and we baked heart-shaped cookies. The same day we decided to have a break from serious movies in Human Rights Café and presented mocumentary about vampires from New Zeland to be less romantic. As a part of Valentine’s day celebration on Friday’s party we had karaoke with love songs where Pip was taking millions of photos with heart in background as a photo booth. Next week we had an opportunity to assist to a modern performance – non-verbal theatre play about relationships between people in the culture center in Elsinore.

The next day, I visited a library located in the same place with one of the classes where we could get to know Danish library system and thanks to that I got to know that I can request books for a book club! I visited with some of the students Malmo and Lund in Sweden at the weekend. We were very lucky with the accommodation – it occured that our hosts had sauna in their house. We really enjoyed the travel: more modern Malmo and students city – Lund, our slow-hygge meals and the sauna. On last week of February we focused in Human Rights Café on activities for the group that was going to visit Central Europe. We showed “Shindler’s list” with explanation about holocaust and I made a presentation about places to visit, food and events in Cracow – my hometown that was one of the places visited by students. At the weekend there was American Cultural Evening – students made a smooth transition from the performance to the Latin party on which Pip was also taking photos.

Sunday followed with celebration of Festelavn – Danish ending of carnival with event similar to piñata and preparing takoyaki – ball-shaped Japanese snack in the cooking club. The week was also full of attractions. I had an opportunity to go with one of the classes for a trip to Kopenhagen – first half was lead by a homeless person and on the second we visited Christiania. In the afternoon there were activities for contact groups: I joined the one that was cooking Italian food. Pip was hosting one of the other groups in Human Rights Café. In the evening we had a game night with our lovely coordinator! The same week we participated in a lecture with journalist David Trads about Trump and his politics. As the end of first trimester is slowly approaching, we had one of performance nigths with amazing drama class interpretation of Hans Christian Anders fairy tales, fantastic choir show and screening of the movies prepared by students on Movie Making Class. The same week I also went for the first time to watch a professional floorball game between our city and Linkoping in Sweden.

On the first week of March we participated in on-arrival training for EVS volunteers. It took place in scouts center close to Kolding in the south of Jutland located in very pictoresque area with lake and a lot of green fields. We met there 26 other volunteers from a lot of European countries – all of them staying all over Denmark and on totally different projects – only one was also volunteering in Danish folk high school as we do. We had three very experienced trainers. Workshops were organised in non-formal way – we were learning by doing and participating in games rather than listening to presentations. At the beginning we had a lot of team builiding and getting to know workshops – including outdoor activities in which a local dog was taking part willingly. Next, we focused on our projects and their presentation – I think we both can agree that a workshop in which we were asked to show our project in 3 dimentions by decorating a box was fantastic exercise. We had also workshops about learning styles and informal education, Danes and Danish culture, more about Erasmus projects and some useful information about the problems that we can encounter during EVS. One entire day we were reflecting about our future, connection between our EVS project and plans for incoming years, setting our learning goals and planning them in the time. We had a trip to Kolding where we visited the castle, in the free time we were supposed to make a short videos on which we ask in groups local people about something that we would like to know about Denmark. My curagious team even went to erotic store to ask shop assistant what kind of animal Denmark would be if it would be an animal. We also had Italian style dinner in local culture center. In the evenings we had free time – on the last one we had a party organised by volunteers and Pip – the same as at IPC – was responsible for photo booth. He cannot run away from this duty!
We came back to IPC on Friday evening – welcomed with hugs and kisses 🙂 In the evening there was a cosy party with manicure, face massage and masks. It was very nice to be back!

On the second part of alternative weeks I joined the hiking group that was going for a five days trekking to Jutland. The group was preparing for this trip one week in advance by learning how to cook in outdoor conditions, going for shorter walks and also by sleeping in tents in front of the school. The trail that we took is called „coast to coast” and leads from Western part of Jutland to the Eastern – it has almost one hundred kilometers. Our trip started early on Monday morning. We took three trains to reach Varde – our start point.

We hiked for five days. First and last was about 15 km and the three in the middle longer than 20 km. We were very lucky with the weather which is very unpredictable in Denmark – it was almost all the time sunny and without rain! Also our campisites were very well-equipped. We walked through very nice landscapes full of lakes and canals, saw deers and what might sound strange one alpaca. In the evenings we had bonfires with storytelling by Canadians, singing and games. Even though the conditions were rough, every meal that we were cooking was really delicious. We also had nice surprises: friends of Lars brought us tea and coffee one evening and pancakes the next morning. For me it was very challenging experience physically – even though I have already hiked several times, during this one I got a fever on the way and also a lot of blisters, but thanks to supportive companion, I was able to accomplish it. And as I’m planning to go hiking this summer, I also know that I have to continue practising so that the next one would be easier.”

Being a volunteer at IPC sounds pretty amazing, huh?


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