Hello Alumni!

Are you ever wondering what is going on at IPC in the current term? If you are, we have good news! One of the current students is keeping a blog  about his experiences there.

I am Nyi Nyi Zaw, from Myanmar where plenty of diverse ethnics and its traditions and cultures are beautifully alive. I am a mixed blood of Karen ethnic and Burma ethic, born in 1995.

This is a kind sharing place where I usually write about my experiences while learning things I love. So please enjoy it!

Nyi Nyi is the first student (of many, hopefully!) we were able to grand a scholarship. You might remember paying 200 DKK to become a member and half of that goes into the scholarship fund. Thanks to you, experiencing IPC is possible to even more people now!

So go check out Nyi Nyi’s blog – maybe you’ll find some familiar notions to your own experience!