Behold Alumni!

New initiative staring up within the IPC Alumni Organisation. Stay put and read on.

In the Alumni Board we are working on creating a platform where all alumni of IPC can have their projects collected.

This will enable any member to get their projects exposed to the entire alumni network and thereby ask for volunteer help, promotion, crowdfund, offer one’s help etc etc.

All the projects will collected in the newly set-up volunteer database on the webpage: You can already check out one project in there.

WHAT do you need to do now?
Ask yourself if you have a project or organisation you would like to have in the database – or if you know someone who has; you can poke them and present the database.

The information needed to be in the database is the following:

– Photo or logo
– Name of the organisation/project.
– Synopsis/description of the project/org including: location, methodology, objective/goal.
– Help needed: location of the helper, expectations and work load
– What is provided for the volunteer (if anything)
– Location of project
– Time frame of the project
– Contact information to the Alumni connected to the project/org.
– Link to further information.

Write an email to with the information above – or if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Alumni Board