Did you implement your Development Management project after IPC? Are you connected to an NGO in your local area? Do you work with a project at the moment? And do you need help? Then here is a possibility to promote your project and ask for help. As a new initiative to promote solidarity and support within in the Alumni network, we are setting up a database, where Alumni can have their project or organisation included in order to ask for help and promote their case. Maybe you need social media support, help with crowdfunding og maybe someone to physically come and support your project with implementation, facilitation or development.

Criteria for being in the database:

  • An Alumni member should have an active role in the organisation or project.
  • The object of the organisation or project must be in line with at least one of the IPC Core Values.
  • The work/help needed must be voluntary.

Write an e-mail to alumni@ipc.dk with the information stated beneath (and take a look at the other profiles) and your project will be posted in the database.

Information needed for the database:
– Photo or logo.
– Name of the organisation/project.
– Synopsis/description of the project/org including: location, methodology, objective/goal. (four lines).
– Help needed: location of the helper, expectations and work load.
– What is provided for the volunteer (if anything)
– Location of project
– Time frame of the project.
– Contact information to the Alumni connected to the project/org.
– Link to further information.

List of projects/organisations: