Project name:
Plan B + 11 citizens sue British government for not keeping to ‘safe’ climate targets 

Description of project:
We are a group of concerned citizens who are suing the British government for not respecting climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement through their emission reduction plans. It is the primary duty of any legitimate government to protect its citizens from threats too large and complex for individuals to deal with on their own. Climate change represents the most significant threat of our time. United under the banner of Plan B – a legal charity – we are contributing to a networked international movement of legal action to prevent catastrophic climate change. The British government has a responsibility to change its emission reduction targets to comply with developments in the best available science. Strategic legal action is our plan of action! We cannot however, do this alone. We need your voices and support to aid in the global movement to legally compel governments to make the urgent changes necessary to avert total climate catastrophe.

Time frame of the project:
We will be working on this project throughout the necessary amount of time it takes the courts to come to a final decision about our claim. 

Help needed:
Any form of media promotion in support of our lawsuit and help with crowdfunding for finances to back our case financially and create a wider conversation about using the law to hold governments to account for their climate obligations. Media promotion could take the form of writing articles, blog posts, sharing developments or giving presentations. Climate litigation is increasingly become a method of last resort – let’s do all we can to collectively show our governments that we will not stand for anything less than emission reductions that guarantee us a safe future! 

Contact information for alumni connected to project:
Sebastien Kaye (Spring term 2016) email: 

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