Project name: Youth Action on Development (Ghana)

Education serves as a major opportunity to the empowerment of an individual, a community and to the development of an entire nation.

Many children, youth and the aged in rural and peri-urban areas in the northern region of Ghana lack education. The few children who are sent to school do not get quality education and hence drop out. This is because they are sent to school to at the age of 9-12 years to star grade 1 or 2. Most of these dropouts move to the bigger cities, Accra or Kumasi to do miniature jobs.

The young girls in this process of working for money get impregnated at the age of 14-17 years whilst the boys engaged in E-waste business by burning Electronic items to get copper wires, inhaling the toxic chemicals and damaging their brains. These young guys become difficult to control in the society because of their violent nature. Hence the societies see them as nuisance.

While the rich child continues to get good education, the poor child still lacks the education and the effects are not only community issue but global as climate change caused by the toxic chemicals are world issues.   

What We Do


We have a module Kindergarten school. Mostly kids are from the 3-10 years old. Kindergartens 1 and 2 have kids within 3-7 years whilst the nursery is within 8-10 years. In the nursery class children are prepared to move in to the elementary school.

The Kids are basically orphans and from the poor homes. Hence no payment of school fees is required to get these kids to our school, as parents of these kids can not even afford to meet the expenses of fees and educational materials.

The school is run financially through individual and organisational benevolent donations either in kind or cash.


We also engage rural communities on educational talks and the need to send children to school especially the girl child. We do this by embarking on village camping, where young people from Senior High and tertiary institutions camp in a village for 2-3 weeks and engage the people on one on one or organised group talks on importance of quality education and other possibilities in education. The youth in this camp takes part in teaching and helping in organising children for learning.

The tertiary students especially the girls are used as role modules for the village people. We usually select communities that have low educational enrolment or communities where there is high rate of school drop out from the elementary school. In some communities children drop out within grade 2-6 just because they have been impregnated or force to in work that will not allow them to attend school


The youth who have completed high school and can no longer proceed to the tertiary level are given entrepreneurship trainings, skills development training such as art works, dress making, wood work (Carpentry) and hair cut and dressing.

The women are trained specifically on entrepreneurship and linked to micro financial institutions for loans to start business

You are welcome to join us Bring development to the to the poor Kids, Youth and Women in developing countries


We also sensitize communities to plant trees, and we do this by organising communal forums after which 10 trees will be planted as a launch in that community.