The Alumni of The International People’s College Charter


The Alumni of The International People’s College Charter

§1      The aim of The Alumni is to bring together former and present students in common activities with The International People’s College and to spread knowledge about the school.

§1.1    The legal name of the organization is “IPC student union”, also referred to as the IPC Alumni.

§1.2    IPC Alumni is a non-profit organization, which means that it has a statutory obligation not to distribute profits to individual members or anyone else. Any profits are to be reinvested for purposes in accordance with the aims of the Alumni as described in § 1.

§2           Any course participant, IPC Visitor or resident for at least 1 week can become an IPC Alumni Member. Permanent membership is gained by payment of 200dkk, whereof 100dkk will go directly to funding Alumni scholarships, and 100dkk will go to The Alumni itself.

 §3             The general assembly of the Alumni is the highest authority. The Ordinary general assembly is held every year at The International People’s College coinciding with the Reunion Weekend. Should the Reunion Weekend not take place, it is held before the end of December. The call for the ordinary general assembly will be communicated to the union members electronically at least four weeks prior to the meeting day. The following agenda is mandatory at the ordinary general assembly.

1) Approval of the agenda. Election of chair person and minutes taker

2) Situation report from the board

3) Approval of the revised yearly accounts

4) Election of Board members Accountant and substitute accountant

5) Stipulation of the yearly membership payment

6) Upcoming activities

7) New proposals

8) Any other business

An extraordinary general assembly can be called for with two weeks notice if the board finds it necessary or if at least fifty members request one in writing (electronically or by letter). Only members present at the general assembly can partake in the decision making process. Decisions are adopted by a simple majority vote. The general assembly elects the chair person and the minutes taker. Changes to the charter of the student union can be agreed upon only if at least ¾ of the participants are in favour. The Principal of IPC is allowed to participate as an observer. Present students are allowed to participate as observers.

§ 4       Nine Alumni members are elected as board members. Elections are held every year. Election of board members alternates; one year four are elected and the next year five. The board will constitute itself with a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a treasurer , a project coordinator and a secretary. After constituting itself, all board members need to sign a document confirming the constitution.

§ 4.1    The board meets at least four times a year. Board decisions are adopted by a simple majority vote. The agenda for the meeting is posted at least one week in advance. At board meetings a minute taker is elected and minutes are published electronically no later than 1 week after the meeting. At least five of the nine board members must be present at any board meeting.

§ 4.2    In case a board member steps down before the end of their term or requests a temporary leave of absence, a personal substitute can be elected at the next General Assembly or an Extraordinary General Assembly.

 § 5              The financial year runs from the 1st of January to 31st of December . The financial statement must be approved by the accountant elected by the general assembly. The financial statement must be approved by the accountant before the ordinary general assembly.

 § 6     The chairperson, vice chairperson, the project coordinator and the treasurer are each authorized signatories and legal representatives of The Alumni. Contracts above 1000 DKK must have written approval by 3 board members excluding the signatory.

 § 7          The Alumni can cease to exist if at least ¾ of the participating members on 2 subsequent general assemblies vote for it and if the Alumni‘s assets are used for purposes in accordance with the aims of the Alumni as described in § 1.

 § 8            This charter replaces the previous charters of “The Student Union of The International People’s College”, “The Self Owning Institution The Students’ Home” and “The Rules for the Fund of the Cottage”. These three organisations have hereby merged into one.

Approved of at the extraordinary general assembly on 30th July 2016

Approved of at the ordinary general assembly on 8th of October 2016

Approved of at the extraordinary general assembly on 12th November 2016

Approved of at the extraordinary general assembly on 4th March 2017

Approved of at the ordinary general assembly on 21 of April 2018