Alumni Committees

How do we organize what we do?

As the IPC Alumni Board, there is a lot to be done and organized each year. Our work includes making sure Reunion Weekend is the best time it possibly can be, hiring volunteers to work at the Human Rights Café in the Spring Term, connecting Alumni throughout the world thanks the Alumni World, and more. Below is a short overview of the different committees in charge of keeping all aspects of IPC Alumni covered and efficient.

These committees are anchored by board members, but are open to any Alumni who would like to get involved with the various projects at IPC. If you are interested or have any questions, contact the anchor board member for your committee of choice to find out how you can help.

Reunion Weekend – this committee is in charge of throwing the biggest party of the year, every year in the second half of Spring Term. It takes on the task of setting up the planning, activities, logistics, entertainment, and communication with the parties involved.
Anchor member: Cara Metzger

Public Relations – social media, the Alumni website, and Facebook are our main channels of communication with other former IPC students. The day-to-day running of these sites keeps Alumni updated with what’s going on at the school, as well as how former students are doing in their parts of the world as they share snapshots of their lives after IPC on Instagram.
Anchor members: Cara Metzger, Lidde Hansen

EVS volunteers – the Alumni are also in charge of choosing which applicants to invite to come to IPC during each Spring Term to work in the Human Rights Cafe. In addition, they write the proposals for EU funding, coordinate and manage the work done by the volunteers, and facilitate their link with the school. Do not hesitate to contact this committee if you have any interest in coming back to IPC to be an EVS volunteer!
Anchor member: Esben Asmussen

Summer Camp – what could be more fun than coming back to IPC for a week in the summer for some sun and old friends? Organizing summer camp involves planning out the week in terms of the attendees, the activities, and the work that needs to be done to keep the school sleek, beautiful, and ever-changing.
Anchor member: Gyorgy Horvath

Alumni World – Alumni World is a committee in charge of overseeing the happenings related to IPC around the globe, and encouraging events that could bring students back into connection with the IPC experience without having to travel halfway across the world! This includes geographic ”hubs” of students that live within a same region and wish to reconnect with IPC values and its people.
Anchor member: Gorka Fayos-Miruri, Paige Simone

If you have any questions or comments for any of the committees listed above, contact the anchor member(s) on Facebook or send us an email on