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Seminar with IPC Alumni in Italy

Do you want to sharpen your skills for NGO work, social activism and non formal education?

Then go to a seminar with IPC Alumni to Italy this February!

The seminar will take place in Chieti, Abruzzo Region (Italy) from 12th till 18th February 2018.

The seminar is about evaluation, assessment and recognition in non formal education, and IPC alumni can send 2 participants residing in Denmark, Germany or Poland. All costs are covered and up to 275 euros of travel costs.

Deadline for application: 17th of January. Apply by sending an e-mail to, where you shortly tell us why you think you should go!


More information:

The seminar will take place in Chieti, Abruzzo Region (Italy) from 12th (arrival day) till 18th (departure day) February 2018. Participants will be hosted in two structures: the hotel Antico Borgo ( and in 3 bed & breakfast in the same street of the hotel. Breakfast will be in the hotel for all participants (including those sleeping in the B&B). Lunches will be prepared by our support staff crew and served in the Hotel. For dinner we will explore local restaurants. The hosting places are in the historical part of Chieti and everything is close and easy to reach by foot. For sure, internet will be available in the hotel and we are negotiating for the B&B. Towels will be changed once in the middle of our staying. Costs: No costs for food and lodging. No participation fee.

Context: Self-assessment, evaluations and ways to recognise own competences are very important steps in the curriculum of young people especially to address their needs of learning, to understand their level of knowledge and skills, to apply properly their competences. This aspect is really important also for all those persons who work with young people in both non formal and formal contexts (schools, youth centres, youth councils, institutions, etc.). That’s why teachers, youth workers, youth leaders, are more and more looking for efficient methods to address the personal development of young people.


IPC Alumni again offers you to be a volunteer at IPC, now for the spring term 2017 (January-June).

DEADLINE for application: September 4th 2016 (apply here!)

So if you would like to get experience with volunteering and relive the IPC experience, and you would like to DO MORE and develop yourself while changing the world for better, this is your chance!

Because our project proposal can make your wish come true.

IPC Alumni Summer Camp 2016

We hereby open the official registration for Alumni Summer Camp 2016 taking place 24th of July – 30th of July 2016 at IPC! One week of fun at IPC next summer!

DEADLINE: 31st of December 2015!

The Alumni Summer Camp is for free, which means that accommodation and food is included! And depending on EU grants, we might even cover your travel expenses!

Alumni Summer Camp 2016 will focus on HUMAN RIGHTS, SUSTAINABILITY and INTERCULTURAL LEARNING! We would like to make you aware that human rights is everywhere and is part of your everyday life! Both from how you approach people in your everyday life to how you approach people from other countries. Human rights are also the condition for creating sustainable communities, locally and globally, as respect for other people is connected to respect for the natural environment. As at the last Summer Camp, you will have to do a few hours of work in the IPC garden each day.
Alumni Summer Camp will also include intercultural evenings, theme parties, singing by the bonfire… the real IPC experience!

A total of 20 people can participate in the Alumni Summer Camp. So hurry up telling your IPC friends and sign up!
Sign up HERE.

NOTE that your registration is only final when you receive a CONFIRMATION E-MAIL from us!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

People who have not attended IPC are welcome to sign up!

IPC Alumni offers short term training at ASHA Centre, UK!

IPC Alumni and our partner in the UK, ASHA, now gives YOU the opportunity to spend 8 days of January in a truly amazing place: The ASHA Centre in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
The project is about community building and performing arts and will involve young people from 8 different countries.

The world needs folk high schools – join the campaign to save them!

IPC Alumni believes that Denmark (and the world!) needs folk high schools (højskoler)! Therefore we are opposing the Danish governments plan to cut 120 million kroner on folk high schools and thereby closing several of them.

Join the campaign! Print this poster, take a photo with yourself and the poster and post it on facebook with the hashtag #nejtillukninger.

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