If by chance you have come across the IPC Alumni either as a member yourself, trough The International People’s College or maybe you have met a member somewhere in the world and thought – “I would love to help them!” If so, one way is to donate money so the NGO can run more activities for its members and partner organisations – and generate scholarships for future students.

1. PayPal
You need a PayPal account and then you can transfer the 200 DKK (+PayPal fee, usually around 12DKK) to: alumni@ipc.dk

2. Bank transaction
Registration number: 9670
Account number: 12475152

IBAN-nummer: DK6530000012475152
BIC-kode/SWIFT-adresse: DABADKKK

Please note ‘Donation’ and your name in the tag line.

3. Credit card payment
Please follow this link: https://billetfix.dk/en/e/ipc-alumni-membership-2018/
You will receive a “ticket” which is your confirmation for paying. This “ticket” will show an event date; this is because our credit card system is set up for event – there is not actually an event taking place. 😉

4. Mobile pay payment (for Danish residents)
Send 200 kr. to 50565835 (Esben Asmussen). Make a note “donation”.