Dear IPC Alumni,

The Reunion Weekend is slowly approaching. We certainly hope that you have already marked the 7th – 9th October with a big fat red X! However at the moment there are some formalities in the way. Our alumni charter (basically our laws) requires the Ordinary General Assembly (GA) to be held before the end of September. Since the Reunion Weekend (RW), where we for the last many years have held our GA, is in October, we need to change our charter. THEREFORE:

The IPC Alumni Board hereby calls for an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY to be held Saturday the 30th of July at IPC from 12.30 – 13.30.

As you will be able to detect from the agenda, the purpose of the meeting is purely to make practical changes to the charter – these concerning the time of the GA as well as several outdated phrases due to the recent name change of the Alumni. (And also some simple and embaressing gramatical mistakes….)
We are not sneaking a clause into the charter requiring all members to buy washingmachines 😉 So your pressence is not strictly neccesary but very much appreciated!

We am looking very much forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!

Peace and love to all of you Alumni across the globe!


Agenda for the extraordinary general assembly of the IPC Alumni 30.07.16 – vers. 1