Hello Everyone!

This year we are hoping to make a few major changes to the charter if you are all in agreement. Here are the following changes we propose and why we have proposed them.

  1. Changing the official name from IPC Student Union to IPC Alumni. – This came up because we all already call ourselves IPC Alumni, it is simply just an official name change in the charter.

2. §2           Any course participant, IPC Visitor or resident for at least 1 week can become an IPC Alumni Member. Permanent membership is gained by payment of 200dkk, whereof 100dkk will go directly to funding Alumni scholarships, and 100dkk will go to The Alumni itself.

Option A: §2 Any former course participant, or non-staff resident can become a member of IPC Alumni. Permanent membership is gained by a one-time payment and a one-time contribution to the scholarship fund decided upon by the general assembly every year.

Option B: §2 Any former or current participant or non-staff resident during a course can become a member of IPC Alumni. Permanent membership is gained by a one-time payment and a one-time contribution to the scholarship fund decided upon by the general assembly every year.

– These options differ by whether or not we will allow current students to become Alumni before they finish their term at IPC, giving them the right to vote at the General Assembly. We believe this would be a great way to bridge the gap we Alumni have with the current students of every term, and get them involved in our community sooner.

3.  §3             The general assembly of the Alumni is the highest authority. The Ordinary general assembly is held every year at The International People’s College coinciding with the Reunion Weekend. Should the Reunion Weekend not take place, it is held before the end of December at the International People’s College or online. The call for the ordinary general assembly will be communicated to the union members electronically at least four weeks prior to the meeting day. The following agenda is mandatory at the ordinary general assembly. – This change has come from the pandemic, as this will make it more bureaucratically acceptable to have online General Assemblies in the future.

4. §3.1  All members registered as voters with IPC Alumni at least one week prior to the general assembly may take part in the decision making process. Decisions are adopted by a simple majority of votes cast. Changes to the charter of IPC Alumni can be agreed upon only by a ¾ majority of votes cast. The Principal of IPC is allowed to participate as an observer. Current students are allowed to participate as observers. – This is is part of a massive overhaul in how would will run future general Assembly decision making, and we have set it so you must be registered as an Alumni for a week.

5. Decision making and elections are conducted using a secure, anonymous, online voting system. Candidates for the election announce their candidacy through publicly declaring it on one of IPC Alumni’s online for a specified by the IPC Alumni board at the time of the announcement of the General Assembly. The voting procedure starts at the end of the General Assembly and is open for 24 hours. [Anyone currently attending their first IPC term during the GA cannot run for the board]**** – This is the huge change we wish to make. Currently only people who attend IPC at Reunion weekend is allowed to vote, which is not fair to other Alumni who cannot attend Reunion Weekend. This will will allow us to hold a blended in person and online General assembly that will allow all Alumni the chance to vote on important topics. The last point surrounded by the square brackets will be a rule put in place if we decide to include current students as possible Alumni before their term ends to ensure that they still stay focused on their term.

6. •§ 3.5 Nine Alumni members are elected as board members for a two year term. Elections are held every year. Election of board members alternates; one year four are elected and the next year five. – This is how we currently doing it, we just want to clarify in the charter.

7. § 8 If a member does not live up to the core values of the International People’s College, and a unanimous board finds it necessary, they can have their membership permanently or temporarily revoked. The specified member has the right to have their case heard with the board prior to a decision being made. – This is something we noticed another Danish Folk High School Alumni group had in their charter. We would hope we would never have to enact this part of the charter, but the reason we are putting it in here is in light of situations around the world such as the death of George Floyd. We believe we as Alumni would never want a member of our community who violates the core values of IPC, and though we doubt anything like that would happen, we should be prepared in case it does.

That is all our proposals. These will be voted on at the General Assembly and will have huge impacts on the Alumni in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read them and we can’t wait to see you at Reunion Weekend!