Three of our IPC Alumni members (Aurora, Molly and Fanni) went on a Training Course, founded by the Erasmus+ programme under the European Union, in the ASHA Centre in Great Britain. Here is a bit of an insight in what they experienced:

“So, we spent a week at ASHA Centre…In the Forest of Dean Aurora, Molly and Fanni, former IPC students. The three of us from three different terms, but I have to say, all IPC people have something in common (and I think by the end this became obvious for the other thirty-something students as well). They were all a little confused none of us were Danes though 😛
But back to ASHA. Imagine a beautiful bright English stone cottage right in the forest, surrounded by green tall tress and all quiet but for the constant gurgle of the stream, a rose garden, a biodynamic orchard/vegetable patch, a herb garden and a hobbit house… You will find all the best books in their comfy library that overlooks the bright dining room where you will enjoy the best food ever! They take great care to cater for all appetites, veggie/vegan/no-gluten/meaters.
Well, you just arrived to ASHA Centre!
Of course the wonder does not stop here. No matter what course do you take, I’m sure that you will be part of an amazing group, and above all, an incredible staff – teachers, trainers, volunteers – who make sure that you get the best out of your time there.
We participated in a course about community building and social ecology: we learned about and practiced biodynamic gardening (look at the photo where we paint the trees – with fresh cow poo!), and also we visited local communities (e.g. a local Camphill community where people with mental health problems and other special needs live together, as well as a CSA – community supported agriculture – system). We visited the Gloucester Cathedral and the lovely market of Stroud, a true 21st century hippie town. And we’ve done so many other things during this week, it’s hard to tell!
So here comes a huge THANK YOU to IPC and the Alumni for this experience! I truly recommend to every former IPC student to check out ASHA Centre… If you enjoyed your time at IPC, you won’t regret ASHA either! And look another opportunity has come! DO IT :)”


AND: Good news!

There will we a third round of training at the ASHA Centre:

All for participants for the third part of the community building programme in ASHA centre, England, 31st may-8th june!

This time the main focus will be on intergenerational dialogue.
the DEADLINE for application to is the 27th April, 12 pm in CET. i will post the application form as a comment below this post and you shouldsend it to
80% of your travel costs will reimbursed if you travel from DK; food, accommodation and the food itself is covered in all cases.

ASHA centre is a super inspiring place in the middle of the Forest of Dean: a great place for personal insights, meaningful connections and professional motivation.

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