Alumni’s EVS volunteers at the International People’s College have now been there for about two months. They are putting a lot of effort in making their projects happen – they are super cool!

Here is a message from Justyna about some of her experiences in February:

“Already two weeks passed in February. There was Alumni board meeting at the first weekend and we had a chance to get to know some members of the organization that is hosting us and – I hope – charm them with our hot chocolate. We helped as well with the technical side of Scandivavian Cultural evening which was held on Saturday evening. My favourite sketch was “Little Mairmaid” impersonated by Rasmus. I spent entire Sunday in Copenhagen – our plan with girls was to go sightseeing – join two different free walking tours, but it was horribly cold and humid that day, so after one of them, we found very nice café with amazing cheese cakes with many flavours.

Week days were also quite interesting. At Human Rights Café we organized a screening of the movie “Ghandi” – more than 3 hours! But there were quite a lot of people who managed to watch it till the end – quite impressive. Pip bought necessary chemicals and inaugurated a darkroom that has not been used for 10 years! We had orgazanitional meeting of a book club where we decided which books we are going to read in incoming five months. First of them is „The disappeared” by Canadian writer Kim Echlin. I’ve already read a half of it – captivating love story with Cambodian revolution in the background. We also baked ginger cake for our coordinator – Bogna’s birthday. The cake is prepared in Pip’s family for Christmas. He mentioned that recipe comes from Jamaica. The same week we saw a presentation prepared by Amani about her live in Syria, situation in her country and her family background – it was very touching and also helped to understand causes of the war.

During the weekend, I visited Design Museum. My favourite exhibited items were armchairs from newspapers, original jewellery and a bamboo bicycle. On Saturday evening we had a party with amazing music from all around the world by Nikolaj – it gathered whole school – everyone enjoyed it. On Sunday we went for preparatory trip for longer hike in alternative weeks. We managed to do 26 kilometers in one day! Some of us seemed to be on their limits, but all made it. We went around pictoresque lake, passed ruins of the castle, through two forests, around an island, village with horses (a lot of tiny islandic ones) and a lot of fields. After our trip I slept a lot! :)”

The Human Rights café

IPC’s old but new dark room!