Here is a little report from the Alumni member Nikolaj Sahlstroem who participated in yet another Erusmus+ training course in one of our partner organisations.

Her is what he has to tell:

Thanks to IPC Alumni I recently had the privilege of attending an 8 days Erasmus+ Training programme in Visnes, Norway called “I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth”.

The programme gathered 26 youth workers from different parts of Europe – from Cypres, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, England, Norway and Denmark, to name a few.

The aim of the programme was to enable us to help youth in our home countries understand and unlock their potential and thereby become active citizens who fully participate in our globalized multi-cultural society.

The course took place 22 – 30 November, 2016, in the small, sleepy (but beautiful) town of Visnes on the west coast of Norway. The course was structured as 8 modules with 8 specific objectives:

Module 1 – Self Discovery
Give tools to deepen the understanding of an individual’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities (dreams), and Threats (Challenges).

Module 2 – Visualisation
Give Visualization Techniques – Learning to visualize a more desirable life.

Module 3 – Time management
Explore relevant techniques of Time Management.

Module 4 – Goal setting
Explore Goal Setting – The art of setting and accomplishing goals.

Module 5 – Power of movement and stillness
Understand how movement and stillness can affect the body mind function, throughout a series of high intensity physical movements such as dance, martial arts and fun games combined with periods with still mindfulness in order to find ones center.

Module 6 – Balancing brain hemispheres
Learning to improve the engagement of all hemispheres of the brain, through a variety of juggling techniques , musical instruments and languages.

Module 7 – Ethics
Understanding how choices made in life affect life experiences.

Module 8 – Balance
Explore life roles – Learn the art of balancing all the different roles we play in life.

This was the first Erasmus+ Training programme I have ever attended as a participant, and I’m very grateful that I got the chance. The days were long (usually from 8am to 10pm), but usually filled with valuable learning, fun, and lots of inspiring people. I learned many tools that I’ll be bringing back to my work at IPC, but most likely also use in my own everyday life. And being an educator of sorts myself, it felt really good to be a student once again. Ahh, life long learning never grows old. ?

The project was hosted by NiTiN – an international oriented non-profit organization within the
field of education and culture based in Stavanger, Norway which aims to promote intercultural understanding and international cooperation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, check the link on NiTiN’s website:


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