In connection with the upcoming reunion weekend:

Saturday 19.9 at 13h, Big Hall @ IPC:
The annual General Assembly (‘big meeting in the sky’) of the IPC Alumni will take place.
We hope to see many of you there.

The agenda is as follows:
1) Approval of the agenda. Election of chair person and minute taker 2) Situation report from the board 3) Approval of the revised yearly accounts
4) Election of Board members , Accountant and substitute accountant
5) Stipulation of the yearly membership payment 6) Upcoming activities
7) New proposals 8) Any other business

The current board wishes to propose a CHANGE to our CHARTER 
Currently paragraph 2 (regarding membership criteria) says:

“§2 Everyone who has been a student at IPC on a course for at least three weeks can become a member. Others who feel like supporting the aims of the school can become members of the Alumni without the right to vote. After one year, full membership can be obtained if agreed upon by the board and the general assembly.”

We propose to change this into:

“§2 Everyone who has been a course participant FOR AT LEAST A WEEK can become a member.” (Full stop).

The reason?

While the idea of having people in the group who ‘support the aims of the school’ (but haven’t been students at IPC) sounds fine, we actually already have a ‘support group’ for that: The Friends of IPC.

So, we think it makes more sense that ‘IPC supporters’ go there.

Also, the idea of shortening the requirement from 3 weeks down to 1 week is because we actually do have people (summer course participants, mainly) that would make perfect candidates for Alumni membership, but have only participated in courses that run for less that 3 weeks. Seems silly to rule them out.

(The historical reason for this 3 week requirement is that years ago we used to have guests from the Danish NGO ‘Mellemfolkelig Samvirke’ coming to live at IPC for one week only – and it would be a bit weird to have them join the Alumni. But it’s been several years since we stopped having them as guests, so that’s hardly an issue any longer.)