About the IPC Alumni Board

Who are we? – The IPC alumni board is composed of 9 members. The alumni are former students, who still want to have an active connection to IPC. A board member is elected for 2 years. Elections take place during the General Assembly each year. Any previous student of International People’s College can run for elections.

In addition to the elected board members there are (currently) two senior Advisors, who are previous board members, who still want to actively plan and participate in alumni related activities, but won’t keep board “seats” occupied from new members. They can advise, but not vote in elections.

  • Members: Lidde Hansen,  Esben Asmussen, Paige Skrypnek, Lars Heidtmann, Gyorgy Horvath, Hila Tal, Ally Ally Mfaume, Santiago Paramo, James Plumeridge
  • Chairperson: Paige Skrypnek
  • Vice Chairperson: James Plumeridge
  • Treasurer: Lars Heidtmann
  • Secretary: Lidde hansen
  • Project Manager: Esben Asmussen
  • Accountant: Rod Lee
  • Assistant Accountant: Jørgen Manniche
  • Senior Advisors: Nikolaj Sahlstrøm, Rod Lee

*Board elected on the annual general assembly on the 2nd of May 2020 and constituted on the 2nd of May 2020.

Read more about the the alumni’s work under About.