IPC Alumni and our partner in the UK, ASHA, now gives YOU the opportunity to spend 8 days of January in a truly amazing place: The ASHA Centre in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
The project is about community building and performing arts and will involve young people from 8 different countries.

When and where: 18th – 26th of January, 2016, at ASHA Centre, Glouchestershire, United Kingdom.
All food and accommodation and 80% of travel expenses paid by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
The ASHA Centre is an amazing place: Similar to IPC, it works for empowerment of young people, sustainability, peace, performing arts and meditation.
More information about the ASHA Centre click here.
For more detailed information and an application form, please write an e-mail to alumni@ipc.dk. DEADLINE: 1st of November, 2015.


More information about the project:

Inclusiveness, participation, empowerment, cohesion…all these are crucial elements that one meets when seeking to build, reinforce or animate a community. For if cultivating a community spirit is about contributing together towards a common cause, it is also simply about becoming more aware and active individuals. With such an important but complex task, creativity and innovation hold a great potential to bring about and sustain the communities of the future. At ASHA we believe that the practice of the arts is a very powerful tool to make the experience of a community a holistic, sustainable and enjoyable one.

Through exploring mainly theatre, music and dance, this course will look at the way young people can become active contributors of their communities and inspire others around them to become more aware, inclusive and engaged in their environment.

Based on Non-Formal Education methods, the course will provide participants with basic skills in dance, theatre and music in the light of community development, as well as encourage individual and collective creativity. Sharing good practices and community engagement techniques will also be part of it.