An interesting, alumni-related event went on in Korea recently. Some alumni of IPC and another folk high school, Krogerup HĂžjskole, created a two week long programme in the folk high school-spirit mixed with a Korean spirit for Koreans who has not attended a folk high school. The event was a success and the participants and organisers would like to do it again sometime.

Maybe this initiative in the future will lead to more events linked to IPC Alumni in Asia and other parts of the world – as a part of expanding the IPC Alumni activities outside Europe.

Hye Sun Chung from South Korea writes about the event here;

“Another good news from S. Korea with a lessening of tension between both Koreas. A folk high school spirit is in the air. A twelve-day program inspired by Danish folk high school has been created and successfully finished their first term on 7, Jan. 6 Koreans(including former IPC students Haegyun, Leo, Min and former Krogerup Hojskole students Seokwon) initiated and organized this program. 20 participants and 2 volunteers were deeply immersed in a variety of programs such as morning fellowship, coffee mix, classes, washing up, cleaning up and of course party! The facilitators basically adopted folk high school theme and structure in the program, however they put a lot of effort to implement it in a Korean way. And it worked! The familiar folk high school magic happened in Korea too. There’re already some people who are waiting for the 2nd term. We still don’t know when the 2nd term begins. Let’s wait and see!”