We know, we know…

Maybe postcards, envelopes and post stamps are probably not your favorite items ever. And maybe they seem a bit out dated?HOWEVER! We would like to invite all of you to a small yet very warm IPC Alumni-action:

Why not get reunited in a completely other way than usually? With a fellow previous IPC student or IPC friend, who you maybe never got in touch with! In the end of the year – a time of warm thoughts and sharing memories – let us show some loving care by sending a postcard or a letter to each other. You send a letter to one IPCer and receive a letter from another IPCer!

If you are interested in sending AND RECEIVING some IPC memories and good spirit; you should join! And it doesn’t matter if you are from China, Belgium, Brazil or Ghana… Snail mail goes anywhere! Until 9.12.2015 send your postal address and your Term on IPC Alumni e-mail alumni@ipc.dk and at 10.12.2015 we will send you back an address to which you can send your letter. This way we hope to cross borders, terms and new technologies to bring IPC Alumni together and keep the IPC world spirit alive all over the world.