On the last day of the IPC Alumni Summer Camp 2016 the Alumni had an extraordinary general assembly taking place in order to vote on changing the charter and have a forum for discussions. The meeting went as follows:

Minutes from the extraordinary general assembly
July 30, 2016
Present: Members: György Horvath (GH), Michal Penc (MP), Honza Klicnar (HK), Bogna Jałowiecka (BJ), Waldo Heugebaert (WH), Jan Cidlik (JC), Lars Heidtmann (LH), Esben Asmussen (EA), Rod Lee
(RL), Ruth Hennell (RH), Denis (De), Merel Bouwman (MB)
Observer (non-voting): Molly Pastene (MP)
Next meeting: IPC Alumni Weekend Annual General Assembly (AGA)
I. Purpose of meeting
Change the charter so the AGA can be held in the IPC Alumni Reunion weekend which will take
place in October this year. Currently the charter states it must take place in September.
II. Appointment of Officials
Chair: LH, Minute Taker: RH, Vote Counters: MB, EA, RL
III. Amendments to Charter
a. Proposal to amend text regarding AGA date to the IPC Reunion weekend.
Concern was raised that what should happen in the case the reunion weekend does
not take place.
Amended proposal to add that if the reunion weekend should not take place the AGA
should be held before the end of December.
Concern was raised about whether it should be required that the AGA take place in
What it the board decided to hold it somewhere inaccessible?
Where would it be held?
What links the alumni is our links to IPC, so it should be held in IPC.
What if IPC moved or shut?
No amendment was added.
Vote: 11 for and 1 against (Objected to requirement AGA must be held in IPC.)
b. Proposal to clean up paragraph numbers, spellings and remove mentions of union and replace with alumni.
Vote: 12 for 0 Against
IV. Any other business
GH thanked all participants of the Alumni Summer Camp and he thanked IPC summer course staff for their cooperation in coordinating us with the English Summer Course participants.