Are you not able to make to IPC for the internal celebration on May 6th-8th? Don’t worry! We will be hosting an online reunion space on Gather Town.

What exactly is Gather Town? It is an online platform where you can build your own space to hold events, create an office workspace, and many more. What we did was we created a mini version of IPC for you to explore with your friends, meet new people, and play games in. You don’t need to sign up to join the space, just create an avatar and explore away!

The space will be available from 7pm/19:00 May 6th to 7pm/19:00 May 7th, IPC time (UTC + 2). There will be online board games, a couple streams of events at the school, and other interactive objects. Paige Skrypnek will be the main caretaker of this area. If you have any issues during the use of this space (issues such as a game isn’t working, a video isn’t playing, people are using the space in a disrespectful manner), please email her at You can also send her a message on Facebook.

Here is the link!

Now for those who have not used Gather Town before, below is a PDF with the basics of how to use it. You can join on your phone or laptop, up to you!

Below we have some more tips and tricks on using the space.

There are specific places on the map (usually around tables or groups of couches) that when you enter them, that space lights up and the rest of the map around you gets darker. You just entered a private space. A private space is where only people in that space can hear or see you if your mic and camera are turned on. If you leave the space, you can’t talk to anyone in the space until you enter it once more.

There are games on the tables that you can play with friends! Games like (free game modelled after Settlers of Catan), Code Names, and other games. Just press x to interact and start a game.

There are also black or white boards you can draw on, a piano you can play, or various signs around the area with info on them.

In a couple of the rooms there is a broadcast tile on the floor. They are behind podiums and are orange. When you step on the tile, it broadcasts your video and voice to everyone in the room regardless of where they are. It is used for important announcements so please keep that in mind.

  • Some areas are blocked off or you can’t walk through them. That is there for a reason. Just like how you can’t enter the dining hall before dinner starts, you can’t do it here either. But you can look longingly at the food!
  • You can build and add to this IPC by clicking the hammer in the bottom right corner of the page. Please be respectful and don’t make things difficult to navigate or fill the space with nonsense, other people want to use this space too.