Dear Alumni,

Throughout the last years IPC Alumni has been growing bigger and bigger! We have been involved very closely with the 100 years anniversary and we’ve made it through the pandemic without falling apart. And we have become more ambitious! We want to include all the Alumni around the world and be relevant to IPC and the world.

Right now IPC Alumni is experiencing growing pains. With all the activities the board is organizing – Reunion & Sumer Camp, Alumni Instagram, Alumni Scholarship, ESC volunteers – the fun is simply drowning in administration. Our board members have been overworked: They didn’t sign up to fill in excessive documentation requirements from banks and public authorities, but to bring alumni closer together.

To remedy the strain that currently is on IPC Alumni, the board would like to propose a restructuring of our organization.

IPC Alumni has grown too big for the board to handle all activities.

The Alumni Council

One issue on the board is, that it is not necessarily clear what you sign up for. Generally there are two types of jobs that the Board has:

  1. organizing activities and
  2. administrative and organizational work.

With the new IPC Alumni Council we want to make the activity work more accessible to all Alumni. This means that the responsibility of organizing activities is taken off the shoulders of the board and given to the Council.

The Council organizes all Alumni activities

This permanent Council of IPC Alumni is open for all Alumni. You don’t need to be elected, and you can step down once you are finished with the activity you wanted to organize. It is much more flexible than being on the Board – you don’t commit to two years of meetings. But you can also choose to be one of the long-term committed Council members that is always there to help.

The Council doesn’t require that you can physically meet at IPC. The Council is especially an institution that makes it easier for Alumni from all areas of the world to be active Alumni.

The Alumni Board

The IPC Alumni Board is still the elected representative body of IPC Alumni. But the Board is not itself responsible for organizing activities. The Board is there to be the accountable group that guides and helps the Alumni Council. They also still have the last word when it comes to what IPC Alumni is doing.

The Board focuses on administrating IPC Alumni

The Board should focus on setting the overall direction of IPC Alumni. This includes:

  1. Organizing the yearly General Assembly to keep the discussion going on what IPC Alumni should be.
  2. Organizing a yearly IPC Alumni Council day, where all interested Alumni can join in teambuilding and dreaming big about all the things that IPC Alumni can do.
  3. Being day to day support for the Council when they organize activities.

To further make it clear what the role of the board members is, we suggest implementing direct elections. Every other year we would elect one chairperson and either a PR responsible or treasurer. The two chairpersons would be collective responsible for setting the direction of IPC Alumni and guiding the council. By having two chairpersons, the responibility is shared and it is less overwhelming to be IPC Alumni Chairperson. The PR responsible manages all Alumni communications (Social Media, Website, Emails), and the treasurer manages finances and bank accounts.

So why reduce to 4 members? In recent years, there has been an increasing documentation burden for associations with all danish banks. Especially international, and in particular non-European, board members need to show a lot of documentation for address and ID. This is a lot of work for the board to collect from all board members. By reducing the board to its core functions, it is easier for Alumni to join activity-organizing without needing to send in a lot of documentation.

Further, the 4 board members take care of the core of IPC Alumni. By focusing the responsibilities of the board on the core, it is possible to get a more closely connected group on the board. Therefore it is highly advised that the board members can all physically meet at IPC at least twice a year for a full weekend. With 4 people, that is just an easier scheduling task.

New Charter

The new charter is designed to be less messy and more easy to read. The philosophy of drafting it has also been to have as few rules as possible.

Bellow you can download a PDF version of the proposed new charter.

Many formulations have been copied from the existing charter which you can find here. The major changes are in §4 (the Alumni Board) and §5 (the Alumni Council). A few minor changes have been made to §3.4, §3.8 and §6.1. The rest remains unchanged in content.

The new charter proposal will not yet be put to a vote at the General Assembly on the 7th of July 2022. Instead, we will take time to hear your thoughts on the new structure. The proposal may then be amended before it is put to a vote on an extraordinary general assembly on the 13th of August 2022. A 3/4 majority of votes cast is needed for the proposed charter to be adopted.


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