Behold Alumni!

It is time for the second round of our little Snail Mail Reunion! Hooray! Handwritten letters, beautiful envelopes and stamps are super in – no need for e-mails… least not his time.

Letters tend to find their way to all corners of the world so don’t hesitate in joining this little gesture of love and care to fellow Alumni.

Last year some 35 letters form more that 10 different terms travelled around the world. One was sent the 6.898 km from Nepal to the Netherlands, another flew 795 km from Germany to Hungary and another one from Brazil to the Philippines; a distance of more that 18.000 km! Pretty impressive, huh? Everything is possible!

If you wish to send and receive some good vibes and a peak into another Alumni’s life send your POSTAL address and your IPC term to with the caption ‘Snail Mail 2016’ before the 14.12.2016 (a week from now) and then you will receive an address to which you should send your letter.

At some point (be patient) a letter from another Alumni will land in your mailbox!

Happy mailing 🙂

If questions – ask!