Hey Alumni of IPC!

The third Snail Mail Reunion ever is taking place these following months!

What is Snail Mail Reunion?
Snail Mail Reunion is a refurb of the awesomeness that is physical mail (=snail mail). If you choose to be a part of it you sign up to write one letter to another alumni, whose address you will receive from us. Then as you are writing your letter, another alumni (not the same as the one you are writing) is writing a letter to you.

It might take time for it to travel to you, but it will eventually get there.

At Snail Mail Reunion vol. 2 our letters travelled to 143.000 km around the world (impressive, huh?). Let’s make it even more this year!

How to participate?
Send an e-mail (non snail mail) to alumni@ipc.dk named ‘Snail Mail 2018’ and write your name and the address of your current place of residence.

Last date for signing up is November 14th!

When you receive the information on the alumni you have to send your letter to, you should send it within the next month (so around December 14th). Write about your time an IPC – best stories, good memories. And maybe if you have had some good alumni experiences, you can share them with your new pen pal.

We hope you will join in!

Hugs from the Alumni Board