“Time really flies here!

Since the last time I wrote, a lot of things happened. We have finished the first trimester. It was very sad when eleven people left us – there were tears and very hard moments. But the events prior to that were very enjoyable – for example the ball organized by Student’s Council. We had a dance class given by Soren the same week and during the ball Cara, one of the students, lead a workshop teaching waltz and other ballroom dances. Everyone dressed up in the clothes that were the most similar to ball dresses and suits. I had my hair done by Akiyo who is professional hairdresser. It took her five minutes to do my hair in an amazing way. 🙂

From one day full of sorrow we passed to the next where we had to be cheerfull and welcoming for newcomers. We got twenty new students that integrated easily and quickly into the community. We had a few transition days with getting to know activities. On the weekend my friends from Poland visited. They were really impressed with the school (especially meals served in our canteen – they mentioned they would love to come for an internship only in the kitchen) and Denmark.

At the beginning of April, African Cultural Evening was held – it was prepared by only five students, but they gave amazing show. Other students voluntarily helped with decorations and cooking. In Human Rigths Café in the new trimester, except for movie screening, we also have new workshops. There is Pip’s Photo Club. It had so far two meetings. Students are really interested in participating and also come for advice to ask him about photo taking techniques and equipment. The incoming meeting will focus on use of Photoshop. Participants get each time new assignments to practice their skills. Melissa, one of the students, is giving classes of Danish every week. For me it is good addition to the regular school course. We also started to serve every day cookies or cakes in Human Rigths Café which definitely makes the place more popular. We made very cute Easter decorations which are partly still present it our Café. On one of the morning fellowships we presented European Voluntary Service and useful information on how to apply to take part in the project.

I’d like to mention that I broke the record in biking with 80 km in one day to go to Copenhagen and back to see cherry blossom!

There were two interesting events at the weekend after Easter. On Saturday there was a conference about the current situation in Europe – one day before elections in France. The most exciting part was a debate in the end in which one of the participants – Marie Krarup from Danish People’s Party was presenting the point of view definitely opposite to the one shared by people at IPC. Soren was mediating in this debate very successfully so that both sides could share their opinions and be respected. On Sunday there was a workshop to celebrate the World Book Day where students were writing their own stories and prepare illustrations for it. We still do have them around Human Rights Café. 🙂 The same day I also visited Gilljeje which seems to be very good summertime resort.

Last week of April was also very busy. Apart from usual activities, we had a Japanese tea ceremony with very professional presentation and tasting of matcha tea. We went with Exploring Denmark class to visit Danish Secondary School where we presented how respect is shown in our countries and they gave us tours through their school and responded to our questions. On Saturday we had Asian Cultural Evening that was definitely a fantastic show with games for audience, a lot of singing, dancing and workshops in the end. The same weekend I went to National Museum and watched a lot of Nordic paintings and impressive collection of European art and gardens of Rosenburg Castle and on Sunday to the gardens of Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod.”

– Justyna Lisowska


By Pip Fazarkerley