Many of you have met them during your terms – those folks who come to the school to “have a meeting” but all you see is them drinking through the saturday cultural evening, dancing all night in the party room and eating brunch for 2 hours straight… Well, there’s a lot more to it!

If you are thinking that maybe you could be a board member or you are just curious, then we’ll try to answer all your questions here.

What is the board?

The board of IPC Alumni is the group of people who organise the community. There are 9 board members who are elected at the general assembly. They meet 4 to 6 times a year to discuss activities and ideas that can help bring together the Alumni community across the globe.

What are board meetings like?

During meetings, the board has an agenda with a big variety of points to discuss. There are always updates from the different subcommittees that organise summer camp and reunion weekend or an update from the treasurer on the financial situation of IPC Alumni. Often student teachers and volunteers also join so that we can keep in touch with what is happening at the school.

What happens in between meetings?

Meetings are only a part of the work of IPC Alumni. The subcommittees work on events, and some of us attend school council meetings so that former student perspectives are heard with the people who decide the long term goals of the school. The treasurer keeps track of our finances between meetings and the instagram group keeps the page alive with fresh content like takeovers and information about what’s going on in the community.

How do I run for the Board?

Any member of IPC Alumni that is not in their first term at IPC can run for the board. It’s a simple as publicly declaring that you intend to run. This can fx be on the Alumni Facebook group. Mostly it is also done during the General Assembly – but it’s a good idea to let your fellow alumni know beforehand. After the General Assembly there will be a vote, and hopefully you will get elected to the board.

What is expected of me as a board member?

If you are elected as a board member you are responsible towards the Alumni community. That means that you should take your tasks seriously.

  • You should attend all 4-6 board meetings, virtually or, preferably, physically.
  • You should expect to spend on average 3 hours per week on alumni stuff between meetings (more during peek times and less during quiet times).
  • You should be an active part in figuring out how you can best contribute. We have a flat working structure, so there is no boss that will tell you what to do.

What do I get out of being a board member?

Being a member of IPC Alumni is a very rewarding activity! Both emotionally, socially and professionally. Here’s a few of the advantages:

  • You get to regularly come back to IPC!
  • You keep making new IPC friendships from across terms and continents.
  • You get to peek behind the scenes of IPC – you meet the staff and teachers in a new way and get a much closer relationship to them.
  • You get to shape the future direction of IPC.
  • You get to develop your professional skills with e.g. social media, organising an NGO, facilitating large activities, or managing a global community.
  • You grow with the responsibilities you take on.
  • You make a difference for the school!

Can you also be a member if you can’t come to IPC?


We value global diversity in the board. Especially during COVID, we have developed wrking methods that let you join from anywhere across the globe. Nonetheless, meeting face to face is what really makes us work together well. Therefore we will always try all we can to meet if we can get you to IPC.

In the end, you can be a board member in exactly the way you like. If you are passionate then nothing can stop you! This makes it very difficult to give you a set formula for what it’s like to be a board member. The easiest way to find out is by asking someone who is already on the board. Perhaps there is someone you know. Or you can text the facebook or instagram page, send an email (, or even a letter (Montebello AllĂ© 1, 3000 Helsingør, DENMARK). We can promise you that it will be a lot of fun though.

See you at the next board meeting!