Would you like to add your skills to the running of the IPC Alumni?

As the number of members of the Alumni is growing, the number of talented people is as well! And perhaps some of these talented people would like to spend some of their time and energy for the IPC Alumni. We are looking for an accountant to take over the position from our current accountant, Rod Lee, Senior Advisor of the board, who he is stepping down at the next General Assembly.

During the last Board Meeting, the board discussed that since the organisation is growing and has different projects and initiatives, we would love it if we also had a consistent, graphic identity for our events, posts and prints.

Like being a board member, it is of course voluntarily, and your work will be much appreciated and valuable for the future of the Alumni!

  • Accountant

At every General Assembly the IPC Alumni elects an accountant, who goes through and approves (or not) the finances presented by the treasurer prior to the General Assembly.

We are looking for someone with some knowledge on finances, who wishes to be our accountant from April 2018! The position is for one year, and then it is possible to re-run at the next General Assembly.

Yearly work load: 3 hours

  • Graphic designer

Someone with skills and knowledge in graphic design, who would like to use that for creating posters, prints and develop the graphic and visual identity of the Alumni, so it appears more consistent and professional.

Monthly work load: 3-5 hours (or when there is an event coming up).



Send an e-mail to alumni@ipc.dk if you would like to know more or ‘apply’ for one of the tasks.

There is of course also the possibility to be a member of the Board from next General Assembly, which will be held during the Reunion Weekend in April 2018. Send an e-mail the same way, if you would like to run for elections !