General Assembly 2024

IPC Alumni is happy to announce our (ordinary) General Assembly for 2024, to take place on the Sunday May 5th of reunion weekend. All Alumni are encouraged to attend, whether you’re able to attend in person or online.


Sunday May 5th
13:00 DK Time (UTC +2)

IPC UN Hall (Reunion Weekend/Physical attendees)
Attendees abroad may join online via Zoom (Click here)

What is General Assembly

General Assembly a meeting of the Alumni to discuss the general operations and inner working of IPC Alumni as an organization. Things that are commonly discussed include: The past year in review, Alumni’s financial situation, new and upcoming goals, any potential charter changes, and the election of new board members.

This upcoming General Assembly is our ordinary annual meeting, taking place during Reunion Weekend.

Election for the Board

2 Board positions will be open for election. Elections take place during General Assemblies.

What does being a board member involve?

The Board consists of 9 voluntary members. The function of the board is to maintain and run Alumni activities, such as Reunion Weekend and Summer Camp, along with any other ongoing alumni projects.

The board is expected to have meetings every two to three months, with two of those meetings happening at IPC. Members can be reimbursed for 75% their travel to and from IPC up to 2000dkk per year.

The workload is quite light and is voluntary. It should not take up a large amount of time to manage Alumni and are often if not always scheduled.

I want to run for election

That’s great!

You’re more welcome to campaign for your election via social media. We don’t have any particular guidelines for campaigning, but we expect all candidates to be reasonable about what they say.

Basically: Don’t slander anyone, no underhanded or cut-throat tactics, no promising monetary gains. Things that you wouldn’t wish a fellow candidate did to you.

Other than that, it’s open season. Campaign your hearts out.

Please let us know that you wish to run for the board by emailing us ( and bring along/prepare a photo ID (passport, id card). Should you be elected, you’ll need it when you sign on as a board member.


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Election of Chairperson and Minute taker
  3. Situation Report from the Board
  4. Approval of Revised Yearly accounts
    • Budget for 2022 and 2023
  5. Election of Board Members
    • Two positions are expected to be open for election
  6. Upcoming Activities
  7. Any additional business
Elian Dommestrup
Author: Elian Dommestrup

IPC Alumni Treasurer

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