The website is back

Hello fellow Alumni. I’m sure many of you have noticed that the website has had (and is still undergoing) a refresh. The changes have been a bit forced, due to an oversight during the changing of treasurer. All will be explained, I promise.

Following Summer Camp 2023, There was a change in treasurer from Rasmus, who also has departed from the Alumni Board, to Elian (myself). The changeover has taken some time, as a result of my rather poor Danish and poor understanding of Danish systems and the bureaucracy. I’ve finally managed to get it sorted, so no worries there. I admit, I should have asked for help sooner!

What does this have to do with the website?
During the changeover, we missed the payment date for our website host, and as a result lost all data regarding the website. An oversight on my part. Now we have no choice but to build a new one!

Is there anything special about this new website?
Not at the moment, but there are some bold plans for it.

For starters, I believe it should be the main hub for Alumni related things. The social media landscape is so different from person to person, that it can be quite difficult in making sure we reach out to everyone. By having a well-utilised, dedicated hub, Information about Alumni events and general happenings can be easily displayed and discovered by all members. This was really what the Alumni website has been, but we just do a bit better this time.

Next, A rather bold idea. The Alumni website could be a place where fellow Alumni can post short articles about the cool things they’ve been doing. Like places they’ve been volunteering, or some interesting work that they’ve done. I believe it would be a great place to share the cool things people have been up to, and perhaps how it relates to their IPC experience or the core values. Alumni members can become contributors and have their articles approved to be posted.

I had some more ideas, but managed to forget them while writing the last two paragraphs. It’ll be awesome, I promise!

How long will this take?
I can’t be sure. The main concern is core functionality. Ensuring that the proper information is available, people can sign up for memberships and can book tickets for upcoming events is a major priority. I’d like to get the most critical parts done before the new year, and the website design finished by the end of January.

How can I help?
Critically, A nice picture for the spot after you scroll down a bit on the home page would be nice. Perhaps a small group photo, or something else if you’ve got a great idea. You can send it to me email below.

If you have any ideas, questions or comments, you can shoot me an email. I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can.

Elian Dommestrup
Alumni Treasurer

Elian Dommestrup
Author: Elian Dommestrup

IPC Alumni Treasurer