The IPC Alumni (previously the Student Union) has a long history dating back to the early days of the college. The main aim of The IPC Alumni is to connect former and present students and promote dialogue during and after their stay at The International People’s College, as well as facilitating common activities with the College and hereby spreading knowledge about the school and the network that it creates.

The IPC Alumni’s main responsibilities are to keep connection between the students and IPC, to re-create, maintain and develop a lasting dialogue between cultures across borders.

This again to maintain peace and limit prejudices, racism and assimilation, and have a common community sharing memories and activities that happens at The International People’s College. By doing so it is made possible to expand the IPC spirit outside of the school to networks beyond and hopefully establish fertile grounds for common projects (ex. freeRice).

Everyone who has been a student at IPC on a course for at least three weeks can become a member. Others who feel like supporting the aims of the school can become members of the IPC Alumni without the right to vote. After one year, full membership can be obtained if agreed upon by the board and the general assembly.

The general assembly of the student union is the highest authority. The general assembly is held every year at The International People’s College before the end of September.

What do we do? – The Alumni board is tasked with projects designed to connect and promote IPC amongst former students. Some examples of our projects are;

Our main goal however is to promote constructive dialogue between former students and IPC. For more information on these projects and other undertakings, you can see our progress on facebook.