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  • Election Candidates for the 2024 Alumni Board

    Come read about our three candidates for election to the Alumni board and decide who will be filling the remaining two positions on the board!

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  • Summer Camp 2024 Sign-up

    Summer Camp 2024 Sign-up

    Applications for Summer Camp 2024 are now available, and you’re able to do so right here. We don’t have many details about what we could do during summer camp (The IPC caretakers are very busy people!) but we hope to get more details as soon as possible Dates and Details July 14-21International People’s College Accommodation […]

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  • General Assembly 2024

    General Assembly 2024

    IPC Alumni is happy to announce our (ordinary) General Assembly for 2024, to take place on the Sunday May 5th of reunion weekend. All Alumni are encouraged to attend, whether you’re able to attend in person or online. Time/Place Sunday May 5th13:00 DK Time (UTC +2) IPC UN Hall (Reunion Weekend/Physical attendees)Attendees abroad may join […]

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  • Tickets for Reunion Weekend 2024!

    Tickets for Reunion Weekend 2024!

    Tickets now available for reunion weekend. Join us for a nostalgic journey back to IPC at our annual IPC Alumni reunion! Reconnect with old friends as we reminisce our shared experiences. Amidst laughter and joy, let’s rediscover the values instilled in us by our beloved school, fostering a sense of community, integrity and lifelong learning. […]

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  • Reunion Weekend 2024 Announced!

    Reunion Weekend 2024 Announced!

    On the 4th and 5th of May, IPC Alumni is hosting our annual reunion weekend up at IPC. To those uninitiated, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to meet other former IPC students and come catch a glimpse of the IPC experience again. Reunion usually takes place during the spring term and this year […]

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  • Summer Camp 2024 Announced!

    Summer Camp 2024 Announced!

    From the evening of July 14th to the morning of July 21st, we will be having our annual Summer Camp at IPC! For those of you who don’t know what summer camp is, it is an annual summer event where a group of alumni get together to help the school with maintenance, new building projects, […]

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  • The website is back

    The website is back

    Hello fellow Alumni. I’m sure many of you have noticed that the website has had (and is still undergoing) a refresh. The changes have been a bit forced, due to an oversight during the changing of treasurer. All will be explained, I promise. Following Summer Camp 2023, There was a change in treasurer from Rasmus, […]

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