Summer Camp 2024 Sign-up

Applications for Summer Camp 2024 are now available, and you’re able to do so right here. We don’t have many details about what we could do during summer camp (The IPC caretakers are very busy people!) but we hope to get more details as soon as possible

Dates and Details

July 14-21
International People’s College

Accommodation at IPC. Meals included.

Arrivals on Sunday July 14th after midday. All to depart on Sunday July 21st.

What’s going to happen at summer camp?

Summer camp is a week where a group of alumni get together to help out the school, usually with some kind of maintenance or to build something cool for the schools benefit. Often the work is outdoor, but if the weather isn’t great there’s always something to do indoors.

Last year, we spent the most of our time clearing the area around the lake of small brush, especially near the water to make the area feel less swampy. Unfortunately the outcome of last year isn’t certain as the lake has been overflowing since January. The back gazebo has now been affectionately named “The Island” by Autumn 2023 due to the flooding.

We will most likely be cooking for ourselves, as the kitchen staff will be on holiday. It doesn’t sound as bad as it seems. The school gives us a budget and we go shopping and a small group will cook meals for everyone.

How do I sign up?

Right here!

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